· The Hydraulic Cylinder has a built-in two-way locking valve that eliminates rebound torque during torsion.
· High-strength nylon hose with quick-fit 1/4 pipe fitting for easy installation and multiple re-use.
· High-strength aluminum alloy casing ensures wear resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively preventing seawater erosion.
· The hydraulic pump has a shaft seal that can be easily replaced, this is a user-friendly design for use.
· The hydraulic helm pump has a compact internal structure and stylish exterior. For boats rated to a maximum of 115Y HP.

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Multisteer offers the Hydraulic standard installation kit designed for Single outboard boats equipped with Single engines. This top-quality product provides smooth maneuverability and effortless control, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking these features. Installing 115 HP: OH-115Y Hydraulic Steering for Outboard is easy and can be done by yourself, as it includes all the necessary parts. Once you open and install the kit, your boat will be ready to cover long distances on the water.

The Standard Steering Kit OH-115Y for Single Cylinder – Single Outboard includes the following items:




Hp-16 Flush Mount Hydraulic Helm Pump 1 No.
OC-115Y Single Balanced Front Mount Cylinder 1 No.
HO-150 Hydraulic Steering Fluid 2 Liters
CT-5.0 Hydraulic Hose of 5.0 meters with factory crimped hose connectors 2 Nos.

Note: The Steering Wheel is not included in the standard kit. To order the Steering Wheel, please refer Steering Wheels Section.

Application Guide: Single Cylinders – Single Outboard


Compatible Outboard Engine

Power Rating

OC-115 YAMAHA Four Stroke 20 Hp to 115 Hp
YAMAHA Two Stroke 25 Hp to 90 Hp
MERCURY Four Stroke 20 Hp to 115 Hp
MERCURY Two Stroke 20 Hp to 60 Hp
SUZUKI Four Stroke 30 Hp to 115 Hp
SUZUKI Two Stroke 30 Hp to 40 Hp
HONDA Four Stroke 20 Hp to 115 Hp
EVINRUDE Four Stroke 30 Hp to 115 Hp
TOHATSU Four Stroke 15 Hp to 115 Hp

Note: If there is a wing nut type transom mount clamp screw, CUT it. It may foul the cylinder when trimmed fully.